Ulster Province

Co-ordinators: Katharina & Jim Murdoch


Ulster Meet Up

Giant’s Causeway

Join us again for our Ulster event in May at the magical Giant’s Causeway.

The time is drawing near for us to enjoy another wonderful weekend together, where members from all over Ireland will gather. Come and join us at the Causeway Cottages, only a few minutes walk from the Giants Causeway with its six-sided stones, rocks and Atlantic waves.

The Causeway Cottages offer 8 self-catering cottages, some single story, some 2 storey. Each cottage sleeps 6 with 2 twin rooms and 1 double room with an ensuite shower. They have a good sized living room and adjoining kitchen.

The dates: 3-5 May 2024.

We will be having dinner together on Saturday evening at a local restaurant. The rest of the time is free to explore, visit some of the nearby sites and towns, cook your own lunch, or just hang out and chat and get to know others.

Jim & Katharina Murdoch

CC Ulster Coordinators

Please reply to: eire.ulster@connectingconsciousness.org

Miracles by Kathleen Ahern

There are miracles going on all around you
can you see them
can you touch them
can you feel them
is that miracle you or is it something else?
There is a miracle going on right this moment both inside of you and outside of you,
are you aware of this or did you ever give it a thought?
All it takes is a moment of your time to stop, pause, take a breath and look with eyes that have seen for the first time the beauty all around you,
is that miracle you or is it something else?
Close your eyes for a moment,
take a deep breath and be still,
allow that moment to continue and grow until it becomes part of you,
to bloom and flourish,
to grow and create,
to love and live and die,
to laugh and dance,
to cry and rejoice,
to feel,
to touch,
to taste,
to hear,
to speak and to realise in that moment that miracle is you,
that miracle is God.