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COMPLETENESS Playing as LOVE AND FEAR by John Mullins

Completeness as it is understood in spirituality is the ultimate goal or purpose in realizing the source of existence.

Call it Wholeness or Self- realization.  When the ignorant mind is destroyed Duality is subsumed in Non-duality and ultimately in a state of Completeness Hindus call it “Satchitananda..”existence knowledge bliss.”   From the Ancient Upanishads and Vedic scriptures and  Advaita  Vedantas. (Advaita means “not two”)

I decided to approach the subject from the top and work down to the origins or the searching or seeking for the prize.   Of course, there is the Paradox there is nothing to seek you are already the completeness, the whole, The Unity, perfect and natural, a state of total harmony, you just don’t recognise it Yet.

This is my Witnessing and observing from my own experiencing of the flow of Life.  We all have our own path seeking the singularity or the source of our existence.

It is the subsumtion of ego and surrender of the (personal I)” I” “to consciousness or the ultimate awareness of Self, the knowing of Self, the Subjective elemental Knowability of Self.    These are only words attempting to describe the indescribable.

When Consciousness is released from the bondage of the ego or animal/monkey  mind.  The personality is freed from the “Ego dualistic split False Mind of Shadow and persona” and enters a new state of Silent comtemplation and Intuitive awareness.

Joy becomes the constant state, without  thought , The self is freed from the Body mind or pain body (Ekharte Tolle Power of Now)

Unconditional love is the action engaged in.  The present Moment or the Now is the location.  Then the Observer Witness emerges as the watcher of life as it flows in Linear time and recognises All as Consciousness.  The” body mind construct” being bound by Duality continues in it’s purpose and performs it’s duties  of  engaging in it’s work and family life and all the attendant activities that it was designed to perform.

The Witnessing Consciousness is now in the  all-embracing  Non-Dual/Duality /Completeness state, a total unity.                   All that comes is observed in and from this state of completeness without reactive judgement .  The secret is “do not react” to the observed world, stay within.

The realised Being, in this state, when confronted with external issues, will always be in a state of “Right Judgement” and will always choose the proper actions. While realising that everything observed is consciousness, “all is consciousness”.   You are a Self-aware  point of Attention in consciousness.

One may ask how is this state achieved ?.    We are born into physical life from the mother’s womb.  I am not in possession of the knowledge of when awareness (Soul) enters the newborn.   Some say  at Conception others some time later.   The baby is conditioned from the womb and enters the world with the feelings of the mother and the fears and feelings of worry generated and passed onto the foetus during its incubation in the womb.

Then it enters the physical world and suffers the trauma of Birth which attaches to the subconscious mind as a fear memory.  We are branded with fear from the First Breath.  We are then subject to conditioning from Parents, Grand-parents , siblings, teachers, religions  and society, workplace and politics

If we are lucky, we meet or find a life partner,  and fall in love and promise to love each other forever.

You then, having joined in this contract, try to achieve an impossible goal that neither of you can full-fil while ruled by the “inner Critic” egocentric False Mind in the world of Duality.

Know this! There are apparently 8 billion beings on Planet earth. Each one of us perceives a personal world through our 5 senses from 5 sense organs interpreted by the Ego.   We appear to be solid physical beings on a solid physical Planet, but this is the great illusion.  We are energy fields and creators of our experience on this illusory universe of Time and space.  Einstein called it The space time continuum.  We are conditioned into accepting the body mind biological suit that we inhabit as a body and through which we experience all that the ego mind interprets in the physical as true reality,the relative world of Duality.

Time is a creation of the Mind to allow observation of the movement of form.

Residing in Linear time we perceive 3 states PAST, Present Future interpreted by the EgoThe Ego is ruled by fearful THOUGHTS from the past which it projects onto the future thereby transferring these thoughts forward and creating a fearful future.  It entirely ignores the present Moment.

These fears are attached to memories of bad experiences in the past and triggered by Thoughts which arise from the subconscious mind.  The Ego Mind is in a constant state of uneasiness always needing and wanting and demanding proof that you truly love him/her.    Constantly caught up in material seeking and chasing desires of every type.  Food, Sex, Power and control over others, jealousies and sibling rivalries.  Lack, the fear of not having enough.

The list is endless and miserable.  Happiness is very brief and only when one of the desires is satisfied. Then it’s back into the pit of worry and shame, etc,.  you get the picture by now.

Apparently, and I do not have proof, but many  ancient texts and religions believe in an after- life.    Where we go when we use up the brief time in the physical world which exists between “Birth and Death”. This physical world is also called the 3 Dimensional World (length, breath, height etc.)

This Three D Realm for want of a better term is ruled by a number of Universal Laws.  These laws existed long before the physical Universe.   The primary one here is the law of Duality or polarity in which everything metaphysical exists in pairs of opposites, eg., Birth and Death, Good and Evil, Energy and entrophy, right and wrong, hot and cold, black and white.

Example hot and cold are the elements of temperature and if placed on a scale the extremes of hot and cold would be the sun and the vacuum of space 6000 degrees Kelvin to -240 degrees C and all the various temperatures between. The natural body temperature exists in the very centre of the scale.  All these pairs of opposites can be placed on a scale.   So everything that arises in the mind being metaphysical have these states of opposition and they all can be reduced to two very basic states being the source or root of all other states of Duality.  All negativity is Fear based and  Positivity or empathy is Love based.   This Love is Unconditional Love or AGAPE the Greek term for Spiritual Love.


We can and do feel all these different degrees of both states every waking moment and we are mostly completely unaware of them.

FEAR (fear is the Thought System of the EGO ) Edging God Out

The Fear state is the Egocentric Mind or the Inner Critic constantly bombarding the personality with “Could, Should, Couldn’t , Shouldn’t, if only you did this or that.”

These terms should be immediately removed from your vocabulary as they are the classic negatives that feed the Ego.

The ego when it realises it is under threat from Love will abrogate it at every turn because it being fear, fears for it’s own demise, and it erects mighty barriers to defend itself.

The Ego or False mind is a creation of the Self to enable us to experience the physical world.  It is like a watch dog and is protective and suspicious of everything. “Don’t trust him/her  etc it’s full of don’ts.”  When the personality suffers enough from the constant confusion created by the ego (its true purpose) it will seek a better way.  Suffering is the Goad that causes us to seek a better way and we can only make the simple choice of choosing to rise above our suffering and that is Love or God. The alternative is going under into drugs, alcohol and multiple addictions and ultimately death to be sent back to repeat the same mistakes as before, which happens to us.  We usually have to spend many lives in this pattern till we learn that there is another way.

Removing the shadows and releasing the self from its bondage is at first initiated by a single conscious breath.  Focus on the Breath.  Feel it enter your Nose and fill your lungs.  When we take a conscious Breath the mind ceases thinking and a space, though tiny, is discovered .  This is the Now moment.   Constant practice of conscious breathing and Meditation will silence the Ego mind and create a greater space.     It will increase by little steps and increments.  The Ego will fight and resist this at every turn and is extremely devious and cunning.   You just have to be the witness to every negative Thought that arises and ask each time “to Whom does this thought come”.  The ego cannot answer this question and is never  able to so it goes Silent.   Constant Vigilance is the weapon against the Ego.  It is really like learning to play a musical instrument practice flexes the muscles of the observer mind(Personality) and your resolve will increase in equal measure.  There can be a down side to these practices when confronted with your own thoughts and memories being triggered.  It is like plunging a stick into a pool of water and disturbing the sediment. It can overwhelm you emotionally but if you have a good and well -practiced Mantra it can and will dissipate very quickly.

Thoughts and feelings are the weapons of the Ego to distract you and drag you back down to the animal mind of confusion and fear.   But now that you know the Reward There is no turning Back.

Describing the moment of Clarity is a discovery each Being will experience in his/her own way.  For seconds, a feeling of high elation will fill you with Joy as if you were listening to Jasha Heifitz  playing J.S. Bach’s (partita no. 2 for Violin) Chaconne, but 1000 more intense” and you only ever want that feeling thereafter.    But it subsides into a kind of calm serenity where you are unshakeable and detached.

Until the next confrontation with the Ego which is always waiting to jump on every thought you have.   There is a phase of training and techniques that can show you how to remain on the higher plain or place of calm beingness.

I discovered that as the space of Joy and clarity increases the attacks of Ego decline, but if you falter the attacks become more severe or the suffering appears to be more severe but of a shorter duration.

There seems to be a correlation between the Silent Joy and the ego confusion, psychological suffering (Pain Body).    As one (Joy) increases the other decreases (Ego).  There are many books written just about event.

LOVE (Love is the Thought System of the Holy Spirit or Consciousness)

I already described Duality and there is still one element undiscussed about Duality for the purpose of this Article and that is the Fact that there is one concept that does not have an opposite and that is LIFE.     Life is eternal and unlimited.! The usual answer is Life and death but as already stated Birth and Death are the pair of opposites.

We live in Linear time in the physical world and the ego feeds on past mistakes and fearful futures.  The choice for a different way is to seek the present Moment the NOW as named by Eckarth Tolle in his marvellous book “The power Of NOW”  In another book A COURSE in MIRACLES  there is a description of 50 miracles and No 13 is my favourite. It says:

“A Miracle (love) removes the Past in the Present and releases the Future

The present moment is described in the Zen Buddist Tradition in the teachings of “ Lao Tzu”

TAO TE CHING” as the” Middle way.”

This choice once the energy of it is realised is an amazing OMG moment.  At this stage if you are still intrigued by this subject, I would

advise getting the “Power of Now” and maybe after reading it seek a local Group to get the many techniques that bring you to find true peace and happiness.  You only need the intention and the Will, and it will be yours.

Briefly there are 4 rules to live by if you need to become more then you are which is really a movement towards maturation or as the old sages say growing up  from the childhood of the ego.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: You are 100% responsible for everything you perceive with your 5 senses and how you react to thoughts and feelings you perceive. Reaction brings anger then Judgement then projection and Blame on someone else.
  • FORGIVENESS: Only Self Forgiveness works. You can only forgive yourself for your reactive thinking as above at one. This incorporates the choice in any moment to act from love or fear. Fear being the actions again at 1 above.  Love is the choice to forgive yourself and eliminate the one blamed from the picture.  “You will always see in another what you have not forgiven in yourself.”  (ACIM)
  • Acceptance: realising your responsibility and consciously handing over the Guilt, Sin, Fear to the Holy Spirit (Higher Self) in Gratitude and unconditional love.
  • Surrender: surrendering to whatever is the will of the holy spirit or consciousness in the moment of forgiveness.

The above 4 points are only simplistic explanations. There is a much broader scope to these ideas and techniques.

In the early stages of your seeking, Breath is the important key to creating a space of silence in the mind

The Great Sufi poet and Mystic Rumi said “I was knocking on the door to get in and discovered I was already inside looking out.”  ,The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” was declared by Jesus (Jeshua) on the Sermon on the Mount

THE Law of Correspondence states “as above So Below As below so above “. It appears that this law declares that the human form of man is a representation of the Physical Universe As in the  Marcoscope Microscope analogy.   This appears in the LAW of ONE.

All is in The ALL and The All is in  ALL..  God is in everything, and everything is in God.

This Article is just a taste or the gateway of the greatest knowledge now available to Humanity and in the current Crisis of this pandemic, I see it as the goad to cause the Great awakening of Humanity to the realisation of Self and the discovery of the essential TRUTH of existence and a removal of the Great Shadow that hides our Self Awareness. 

The Great Indian Saint “Sri Remana Maharshi  said, Quote” Thoughts come and go, Feelings Come and Go”  Find out what remains

This article is written with the power of unconditional love and Gratitude to inspire and awaken the reader to seek the truth of existence.  It is in you, you only have to turn inward and it will touch you.   This is the Greatest discovery the Human being can make when you discover your eternity, your infinity.  This subject is the burning question of the world we live in today. If you want a Conversation, don’t hesitate to contact me.

In the words of the Hawaiian Psychologist Dr. Ileakali Hew Len (Hawaiian Blessing the HO’oponopono) ( to make PERFECT.   This is a very powerful Mantra.

“I’m sorry Please Forgive me I thank you and I love You”

Submitted with Unconditional Love and Gratitude by John Mullins