CC Summer Solstice Festival – 17th of June to the 19th of June 2022

We are happy to announce that we are holding the summer solstice on Michael Lynch’s farm near Lavey in County Cavan just outside Virginia. Michael & Kim has generously offered for us to camp there again and attend breathwork sessions. Our plan is to celebrate the Solstice in the

  • Sunrise celebration
  • Flower and Basket Weaving
  • Organic Food
  • Promotion of CC Member’s Skillsets
  • Promotion of CC Member’s Products 
  • Spiritual Talks & Training
  • Breathwork
  • Lots of Hugs, Coffees & Chats
  • Visiting local Ancient Sites
  • Meditation
  • Solstice Walks
  • Sunset celebration
  • Fire Ceremonies
  • Sky Gazing
  • Dance & Music

We are going to arrive on the 17th of June to the 19th of June 2022 (afternoon) to camp (bring your own tent). You can also stay in hotels and B&Bs if you wish. Details are below but there was great fun with the camping last year. Also, Simon said he would attend, we can not guarantee this but he was very impressed we are helping Kim and Michael & bringing it back to the farm.
* We plan to move the camping around the back so it should be quieter this year and have speakers, dance & music to the front.

We are hoping to support Kim and Michael and will launch a video to do that shortly.  (more on this again) & see the video below to highlight the current situation Kim and Michael have found themselves in. So we will launch this separately.

The weekend can be what we make of it so email me or Jean if you have ideas, what or needs. Fill out the following survey so we know whos coming as spaces may book up fast thanks

Please fill out the Poll 

Thanks, p.s please don’t message me on telegram for booking, only emails for ideas and survey if you want to book your place, thanks.


Please bring your own

  • Warms clothes for evenings
  • Good solid footwear for a farm (its slippy in places)
  • Bunch of flowers for your crown of flowers
  • Fold up chair & cushion for sitting on the ground during the day for listening to talks & around the campfire *put your name on it, please
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Snacks, drinks, food if you want too (Virginia & Cavan town has many shops & local centre too)


This is being finalized but we are planning to have a

Friday 17th June 2022

Noon onwards – Arrival

  • Registration to take place in Barn
    • Maps
    • Payment (if not completed online)
    • Campers / Caravans to speak to Coordinators before arriving
    • Safety talk

18:00 – Dinner

19:00 – Presentation of the Dance Floor/Red Ribbon 

20:00 – Opening Ceremony 

21:00 – Relax around the campfire with your own entertainment 

22:00 – 22:04 – Meditation / Sunset Ceremony

22:05 onwards – Relax / Retire for the Night


Saturday 18th June 2022

04:00 – Rise for the Day (optional)

04:57 – Sunrise Ceremony Lough Crew (Pamela Gail & Roisin to lead ceremony) 

07:00 Return to Farm & Rest 

09:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – Speakers

11:00 – Tour of Farm

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Flower Crown Making

15:00 – Soil Meditation

16:00 – Speakers

17:00 – Relax – Siesta

18:00 – White Light Ball incl. Dinner and Music around the Moonlight Dancefloor

*Dress up in a nice dress or Formal or Formal ish wear (if you want) to make it a fun evening

22:00 – 22:05 – Meditation / Sunset Ceremony

22:10 Onwards – Relax & Unwind


Sunday 19th June 2022


04:00 – Rise for the Day (optional)

09:00 – Breakfast

11:11 – Solstice Mandala Group Meditation

12:30 – Five Sisters Ancient Site (CastleTara) / Departure

ps do bring a blanket and or coat as it will drop in temperature in the nighttime, spot prizes for best & innovatively dressed and best dancers 🙂


These weekends would cost in the region of 600-800 euros per person but Kim and Michael are putting this on as a GIFT to CC.

Covering Costs:- This includes free breathwork, large meals (Lunch & Dinner) on Friday and Saturday night. With live music on a Saturday night and a huge amount of work going on since December 2021, we are leaving it at 50 euro or Sterling conversion here flat fee for the weekend that’s if you come the Friday, Saturday or Sunday and Kids come free.

Payment Methods are

Revolut by sending money to Jean Blake CC Co-ordinator at +353 83 854 5833

Paypal by sending money to Jean Blake CC Co-ordinator to

Or by IBAN bank transfer by again texting Jean on +353 83 854 5833

Please pre-pay before you arrive to guarantee your ticket


Hotels & Other Hotels




There is parking so you can drive & you can carpool so just go out on Might Networks

There are buses you can get also to Virginia and Cavan town (the nearest town would be Lavey).

We will probably use our own cars to get to the ancient sites (to be decided)


Ceremonial Breathwork (coming soon)


Please note that your safety on the farm is your own so please bring the correct footwear and warm clothing. Do not swim in water or go anywhere without a designated guide or owner. Please be careful with the consumption of alcoholic drinks & cleaning litter is super important to be respectful to Michaels farm. Any CC member’s products are services are their own and not associated with Connecting Consciousness so please use your best judgement and consult your doctor before trying any products.  Most of all it will be an amazing spiritual weekend so enjoy it.

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Jun 17 - 19 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm