National Rally for Freedom

‘World-Wide Rally for Freedom’ expressing our opposition to the FF/FG/Gn government infringements on human rights and its draconian restrictions on civil liberties on the 18th of September, 2pm at the Custom House and Marching to another location, where speakers will address the attendees.
If we want to stop the government in its tracks it requires feet on the street in the tens of thousands.
Ireland is at a critical moment for the protection of human rights and civil liberties. Important achievements have been secured after long years of campaigning but in less than 18 months many of our rights are being infringed on and many are being willfully discriminated against. This needs to stop and we are calling on all those fighting for the protection of civil and human rights to join us on the 18th of September for the next major rally for Freedom at the Custom House in Dublin at 2pm to collectively show our desire to protect our shared inalienable rights.
All are welcome, please share and invite friends and family to participate.  

The event is finished.


Sep 18 2021


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Colin McHugo