Dr Evelien van Amerongen – How Dental Health Affects the entire Body

Your health starts with your mouth, a healthy smile gives us the confidence of course, but it is also the start of the digestive system.  Your teeth play an important role in your overall health!  There is a  scientifically proven relationship between the teeth and the overall body. This knowledge is sadly suppressed and medically/dentally ignored.  Our teeth are like the keys of the musical keyboard and when we swallow and eat the teeth come together and create vibration and stimulate the nerve inside the tooth.  Each tooth is in fact a bio-photon emitting organ and is intricately connected to our autonomic nervous system  (that part of our nervous system that regulates everything that you do not think about like your heart rate or breathing). The nerves inside the teeth communicate with our brains and organs. It acts as a Fuse between the muscles/ organs (Battery ) and facia (capacitor).  Loss of teeth, gum disease, metal restorations, crowded arches and jaw issues cause the signalling between the teeth, organs and autonomic nervous system to become deregulated and when this persists dis-ease occurs in the area the tooth is associated with. As a biological dentist, I assess a patients’ dentition not only the health of the teeth themselves but also their relationship to the rest of the body.

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Oct 09 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm