Loving Moments

Happy Valentines Day to all. May Love shine in your hearts today. May you feel the Love from others. May you be the Love ❤️

Higher Moments

We are graduating to a higher dimension, in accordance with Divine Consciousness & Love.
So let us lead the way by showing compassion, integrity & love to everyone 💜

Brigid Moments

On Tuesday we will celebrate the Celtic feast of Imbolg, also known as St Brigid’s day. This ancient Celtic traditional festival marks the beginning of Spring, and the goddess Bríd. For Christians it is the feast day of the female patron saint of Eire, Saint Brigid.☘💚

Loving Moments

Lovingly serve from the heart and soul, as you embrace the Divinity within you. Love is the Answer. Love is the Key. Love is the Way

Uplifting Moments

As a collective we do this without hesitation as our mission is to be of service. We are the Lightworkers who are helping to illuminate all of the dark recesses and expose all of the shadows. This we do with love and grace. Always.

A Farewell to Helen

For our dear CC friend Helen who opened our hearts and minds to wonderful possibilities in the skies, here is a poem by Kathleen:

Weep Not
Weep not for your tears for me, I am in ecstasy.
Weep not your tears for me, my day is done.
Weep not your tears for me, even though I have left my earthly home, I am not far away.
Weep not your tears of sadness but of joy. Remember all the laughter, Love, and fun we had.
We have had some journeys together, many amazing adventures.
I am beginning a new adventure amongst the Stars and rainbows.
I am not afraid anymore, I am alright, I am Free,
Remember me with Love, as I will love you all always, I am watching over you all and know that you are all ok,
Weep not for me for I am home with God.

Thank you Helen for being a beautiful bright light in our lives.

Festive Moments

Have a lovely Christmas everyone, and may the New Year bring more blessings and beautiful awakenings than we could ever have imagined. Grá & beannacht🎄💚

Loving Moments

Let us fan the flames of consciousness. We are the frontline workers of the evolution of human consciousness. Let us lead the way by showing compassion, integrity & love to everyone. We are here to assist the transmutation & transformation of Earth & her people into the Golden Age of Peace, Abundance & Love

Connaught Moments

Welcome to Brian, our new Connaught coordinator. The CC family is going from strength to strength. Exciting times ahead 💙

Magic Moments

Thanks again to all those who joined us for a magical Christmas weekend in Blackwater castle. It was a mixture of good food & great company, with workshops, singing, meditation, dancing & a 12 foot Christmas Ascension tree. A little piece of Heaven on Earth 🎄💚🏰