Grateful Moments

As we venture onto the home stretch of this incredible journey, we should give thanks for getting this far with our sanity and sanctity intact. We are here for one another. Enjoy the company. Namaste ❤

Bealtaine Blessings

Happy Bealtaine wonderful lightworkers. As we celebrate the beginning of Summer, let us sow the seeds of love everywhere we go. Let the wind and waves disperse our love to every sentient being on Gaia. We are the seeds of love and hope. Namaste ❤

Easter Moments

As we celebrate Easter Sunday remember that you are a spark of Divine Consciousness here to co-create a new Earth. It is time to anchor, activate and amplify your Light. Love is the Key. Love is the Answer. Love is the Way 💙

Motherly Moments

❤️ For all the mothers in our wonderful CC community. For all the mothers to be. For all the women who wish to become mothers and for all those for whom motherhood wasn’t to be in this incarnation. We love, admire and respect each and every one of you. ❤️

Light Moments

You are a Spark of Divine Consciousness. You are not here to hide your light. Your light has the power to set the world on fire, on fire with the light of love and a new age of possibility. Do not hide this light. Shine Bright 💫

Spring Moments

In Spring, the daffodil has to push through the black soil to reach the light & thrive. It is the same for us currently as we move from darkness to Light & our planet ascends 🌞

Unity Moments

Let us open the inner chambers of our hearts and bypass our separateness. Be patient, trust the plan as the best is yet to come. God wins. A storm is upon us now. Try to keep your heart open, although the temptation is to close it down in these troubling times.
Awaken from the illusion of our separateness. Love is the Key 💙

Portal Moments

As we approach the 22.2 portal, and are aware of the influx of incredible energies, let us support & assist each other as our planet ascends ❤

Loving Moments

Happy Valentines Day to all. May Love shine in your hearts today. May you feel the Love from others. May you be the Love ❤️

Higher Moments

We are graduating to a higher dimension, in accordance with Divine Consciousness & Love.
So let us lead the way by showing compassion, integrity & love to everyone 💜