Freedom Moments

It was wonderful to be an Éireannach in Dublin city on Saturday. So much positivity and hope for a bright future in Dublin’s fair City. We met lots of friends, new and old, who all had one thing in common; our God given right to choose freedom and what we put in our bodies.

Portal Moments

We are now experiencing the intensity and positive effects of the influx of Light from Thursday’s 11.11 portal of light. Beginning with the opening of this Portal of Light and building momentum towards the Solstice of December 20th-21st, you, me and the rest of Humanity’s Awakening have a unique opportunity to move humanity towards  Enlightenment.  As the Hopi prophecy says, “We are the ones we have been waiting for”. It is time to co-create heaven on earth.

Loving Moments

We came here to restore the Power of Love. Let us honour the Power of Unity. We are sparks of Divine Consciousness, here to co-create a new Vision for our planet. Love is the Key.

Celtic New Year

As we celebrate Samhain, let us bless the past, the present & the future. May the Celtic New year bring you laughter, love & light

Light Moments

As volunteers for the new Era, let us continue to shine our light in the world by our presence. A new dawn beckons, with the promise of peace, prosperity & Love 💙

Volunteer Moments

It is time to put on the armour of God. We are the volunteers for a new Era, surrounded by an army of angels. Let us campaign for Peace, Justice, Sovereignty & Love 💙

Magic Moments by Kathleen Ahern

I took a photo of the amazing rainbow, and to my amazement I discovered the elementals showing themselves. I realised why- it is because I allowed my thoughts to be processed with my heart. I listened with my heart, and then saw with my eyes

Hopeful Moments

Trust and believe that you will see a brighter day. Know in your heart that freedom is on the way. Love shall Prevail 💙