A Farewell to Helen

For our dear CC friend Helen who opened our hearts and minds to wonderful possibilities in the skies, here is a poem by Kathleen:

Weep Not
Weep not for your tears for me, I am in ecstasy.
Weep not your tears for me, my day is done.
Weep not your tears for me, even though I have left my earthly home, I am not far away.
Weep not your tears of sadness but of joy. Remember all the laughter, Love, and fun we had.
We have had some journeys together, many amazing adventures.
I am beginning a new adventure amongst the Stars and rainbows.
I am not afraid anymore, I am alright, I am Free,
Remember me with Love, as I will love you all always, I am watching over you all and know that you are all ok,
Weep not for me for I am home with God.

Thank you Helen for being a beautiful bright light in our lives.