Happy New Year

A wise man once told me that the world will become a better place when the love of power is replaced with the power of Love. Wishing you all a very happy New Year, filled with hope, happiness and love. “Go mbeire muid beo ar an am seo arĂ­s”.@IrishMindfulnss 31.12.2018

Happy Christmas

As Christmas approaches remember that there is a light that can never be extinguished. It is the light  within you. Let your light illuminate the world. And may Christmas bring you & your family laughter, love and light. “Nollaig shona duit” @IrishMindfulnss 23.12.2018

Solstice Moments

As the solstice approaches, keep your attention on the “now” and stay in the present moment. This is the beginning of a new understanding, a new dawn. @IrishMindfulnss 16.12.2018