At Connecting Consciousness Éire, we share the spiritual values, beliefs and desire to see this planet with all it’s beings live in freedom and peace. Our goal is to take an active role, connected by a unifying consciousness, to raise national awakening and heighten awareness.

Roinnimid na luachanna spioradálta, na creidimh agus an fonn atá orainn an pláinéad seo a fheiceáil lena dhaoine go léir beo saoirse agus síochána. Is é ár gcuspóir ról gníomhach a ghlacadh, ceangailte le comhfhios aontaithe, chun múscailt náisiúnta a ardú agus feasacht a ardú.

We are living in exciting times. We believe we are ascending to a better world, where love, peace and prosperity will prevail. 2021 is the year of Disclosure. The Light is exposing the darkness, lies and corruption. Truth and Love will prevail.


In these strange and stressful times, do not despair.  Remember Hope springs eternal. The Light will conquer the darkness. We must trust the Divine Plan.  Let us fan the flames of consciousness. This historical moment is so important. It is the hour of decision and every person must make a choice. We are the frontline workers of the evolution of human consciousness. Let us lead the way by showing compassion, integrity and love to everyone. 

Latest Interviews with Simon

Billy Falcon & Simon Parkes 14th October 2021

Billy Falcon & Simon Parkes (bitchute.com)

CC Éire Noticeboard:

Weekly Zoom

Join us each Tuesday at 8pm on zoom for our weekly update on the Truth about what is happening in Éire, and globally.

Christmas Party

We are delighted to announce that the CC Christmas event will take place on Saturday December 4th and Sunday 5th at Blackwater Castle, Co. Cork. The Castle is a unique experience blending history and heritage with luxurious comfort, exciting activities, and beautiful scenery.  A wonderful venue for a CC celebration this December. As CC offers a wealth of gifted healers and lightworkers, we are planning to arrange a showcase of healing modalities on Saturday and Sunday too.


Freedom Rally

Thank you to all our members who joined us for the Freedom rally. Let us fan the flames of consciousness, at this pivotal moment in time!


Guest Upcoming Events

Rumble —Check out CC member Brian Timlin’s recent interview with Charlie Ward about his Easter charity event: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3HhDWCejPViz/
To book your places for an amazing trip to meet Charlie & other truthers, holiday and enjoy activities at world class venues in Ireland for a great cause, please contact Brian Timlin on 00353861005988 or email  brian@irishgolfnoticeboard.ie

Super Charity Event with Special Guest Charlie Ward (ALSO FOR NON-GOLFERS!) (rumble.com)



Guest Speakers

Professor Dolores Cahill


Thank you to Professor Cahill for joining us on a recent CC Zoom. She is a firm favourite with our members. She highlighted that this is a crucial time of Choice for all of us.  She invited us to reframe our perceptions, and seek the higher Truth and Sovereignty in our lives.


Tracey O’Mahony

Thank you to Tracey O’Mahony for taking the time to share her legal expertise and experience with our CC members, as we navigate these unique times.

Here are some of her suggestions:

When asked by GP, employer, HSE, Government or any company or individual it is important to know your rights. No explanation is required to be given for your decision not to be vaccinated, therefore firstly, a simple decline of the offer should be accepted. However, in the event you are met with pressure to comply please use the below templates in order, as necessary. If pressure continues after this point, lawful proceedings should be considered.

Below are some letter templates that may assist:


Colin, our Leinster coordinator, has set up a CC Éire telegram. He also has created Google Docs for members to access information, videos and resources. We have also set up a members’ Market place Telegram to share healing modalities and services.

Magic Moments

What an amazing CC weekend  we had at the hemp farm in Cavan – full of laughter, music, breathwork, healing & love! Over 60 CC members travelled from all over Eire to join us. Thank you Anita for organising it with Michael & Kim. A wonderful gathering of light workers

Days of Darkness/Transition

There is a lot of positive news coming from the US currently. In preparation for these days of transition, we recommend you keep your car topped up, have extra cash (as the ATMs may not function) store extra food and candles. When this occurs it’s going to be joyous time, as the truth will finally be revealed to the masses. After this initial shock we can all heal together.

Member Zoom Presentations

Thank you to Professor Jean Berry who presented a recent crystal medicine workshop, which included an opportunity for Q&A.

There will be upcoming presentations from Grainne Tyndall and Dheai IIsaaid. If you would like to give a presentation to CC members, please email Colin your topic of expertise.

Huna Flash

It was an honour to welcome the International Shaman and light-worker Huna Flash back to Ireland for the weekend. This time he visited the Giant’s causeway and the Hill of Tara in Meath and Gorey with the intention of raising the vibration of our beloved island. He will return in January.



Galactic Experience

Thank you to the 15 CC Members who met up recently in Westmeath to visit with our Galactic family. It was incredible to witness galactic spaceships 1st hand! It was an amazing and inspiring experience. Thank you Helen for opening your home to us all too.

Here is Helen’s latest interview with Mark Attwood

Are the UFOs and Elementals trying to tell us something? I think so… – YouTube

Nationwide Meet ups

There are regular C.C. meet ups around the country, eg. Cork, Dublin and Roscommon. Please check provincial telegram for updates. It is always wonderful to connect in person.



If you are thinking of submitting a project, could you fill out a short Word document using the template which you can download here and send your proposal to your coordinator. They will then get in touch and arrange to visit anyone who has proposals. Please include an estimation of costs. We will then pass it to Becky and Simon.

Gorey Cuppa

Michael and Julie organised a “meet & greet” for 6 weeks in May and June in Gorey. These Wednesday evenings were for CC members & the public to drop in, offering information, support and chocolate biscuits. Thank you to all who attended.


Tara Solstice

A big thank you to all those who joined us in Tara for the Solstice at 11.11. We had over 60 people attend our Solstice ceremony at the lia fáil- or stone of destiny, with the aim of raising the vibration of our beloved country. The energy was wonderfully uplifting.




Here are a list of books our CC members recommend:

1    The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield

2    The Awakener – Sandy Stevenson

3    Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walshe

4    Infinite Love is the Only Truth – Everything Else is Illusion – David Icke

5    Ireland: Land of the Pharohs – Andrew Power

6. Tree Wisdom – Jacqueline Memory Paterson

7. Eating for Beauty – David Wolfe

8. The Healing Power of Illness: Understanding What Your Symptoms Are Telling You – Ruediger Dahlke

9. Dheai IIsaaid

10. Anna, the voice of the Magdalenes – Claire Heartsong

11. The Magic Presence – Godfre Ray King

12. Way of Spirit Teachings of Rose https://www.amazon.com/Way-Spirit-Teachings-Rose/dp/0982812337

13. The Shift In Consciousness. An Overview. Elias: (davidandelias.org)

14. The power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

15. You can heal your life – Louise L. Hay

16. The Garden Awakening- Mary Reynolds

17. The Gardener’s Companion to medicinal Plants- Jason Irving

18. The Divide – Jason Hickel

20. The Law of One – The Law of One – PDF version (llresearch.org)

21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVNUfVpbJAM


22. Hedgerow Medicine – Julie & Matthew Seal

23. Open – Cecilia Kee Glenane

25. Pi in the sky- Michael Poynder

26. King Yoga – Dr George King



27. Earth living library – Barbara Marciniak

28. The Ringing Cedars of Russia- Anastasia

29. Eat Rich, Live Long – Ivor Cummins & Jeffrey Gerber

30. The Ascension Lightworker Guide – Vidya Frazier

31. Dragon Rider – Jim Murdoch


Connaught Province

Anita Cosgrove –   Eire co-ordinator  Email eire@connectingconsciouss.org

Galway meet up 

We had a wonderful meet up in Galway, this Saturday July 10th. It will be great to meet up in person, after months of zoom. We attended the freedom rally in Eyre Square. There was a great crowd and guest speakers including Dr. Anne McCloskey , from World Freedom Alliance, Ireland inspired the audience




The Guest House by Rumi


This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.



Connaught Noticeboard


Weekly Eire C.C. Blog

Volunteer Moments

It is time to put on the armour of God. We are the volunteers for a new Era, surrounded by an army of angels. Let us campaign for Peace, Justice, Sovereignty & Love 💙

Magic Moments by Kathleen Ahern

I took a photo of the amazing rainbow, and to my amazement I discovered the elementals showing themselves. I realised why- it is because I allowed my thoughts to be processed with my heart. I listened with my heart, and then saw with my eyes

Hopeful Moments

Trust and believe that you will see a brighter day. Know in your heart that freedom is on the way. Love shall Prevail 💙

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